Stroll Gardens and Hiking Trails
Discover 30 Acres of Unexcelled Natural Beauty

Enjoy a tranquil mountain garden within the
breath-taking natural beauty of the Sierra Buttes.

"Monet of the Mountains"
Sierra Heritage Magazine

"Monet's Giverny Gardens of the Sierras"
Sierra Alive Magazine

Imagine the beauty of Claude Monet's Giverny gardens so close to home. Just outside of Sierra City, California, Big Springs Gardens offers not only
a natural spring, streams and waterfalls, thousands of plants and flowers, two miles of walking trails, gourmet food and even a replica of
Monet's famous bridge.

Big Springs Gardens opens mid-June through September 2014.
Gardens open at 10:00 AM and there is an admission fee of $15 per adult and $10.00 for children ages 6 through 12. Children 5 & under are free.

Reservations are required just to enter the grounds.
Reservations are required for all meals.

Telephone 530-862-1333